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Best Coast Entertainment LLC was a idea that started out on a napkin. I wrote this idea I had for a full service entertainment company on a napkin while working a graveyard security shift in 2005. Every step since then has been adding onto the knowledge and experience needed to run such a company. Ran with a small staff of young entrepreneurs with who gained a lot of experience in this industry early on by keeping their nose to the grind. Best Coast Entertainment is where WHO you know meets WHAT you know.



    We have a distribution deal with Empire. Same distribution as artist like Fat Joe, Remy Ma and XXXtentacion. Typically we start artist with a single. If the single performs well we will release a EP. If the EP does well we will release a physical in store album. Artist are more than welcome to come to us with their own distribution in place. 

    Our first film credit was Associate Producers and writers on the 2009 indie movie HE'S ON MY MIND. If you need finance or distribution fill out a contact form. We are currently looking for completed projects to present to big studios like FOX.


We handle manage the four elements called the 4 P's of marketing:

  1. Identification, selection and development of a product

  2. Determination of its price

  3. Selection of a distribution channel to reach the customer's place, and

  4.  Development and implementation of a promotional strategy.

    Our way of promotion is the advancement of a product, idea, or point of view through publicity and/or advertising. 

    Our PR side manages communication between YOU and public outlets.

    Your brand cannot connect with people if they cannot see it: allow it to enter their consciousness through striking and well-produced visuals. Top quality commercials that can be used for broadcast and web advertising to maximize your reach. When hosting a live event, we can bring out the best in your brand with professional photography that captures what you want and can be used for your social media, advertising or promotional items. 

    We believe that you can't apply cookie-cutter formula to everybody. We custom tailer a marketing outline to the client based on atleast a 6 month timeline. We specialize in thinking outside the box. We handle the day to day logistics so you can focus on the creative.​


    We have placed artist in magazines like XXL for the last 6 years. We also work with other print magazines like Hip Hop Weekly and Billboard to name a few.​

    When it comes to radio promo, we take a song from internet radio to college radio to FM radio. Sit you down with iHeart radio and map out a campaign that covers commmercials, radio play, radio promoted festivals and more. We know that in this point in the industry, radio play isn't every artist goal but if it is, we can help you get there.

​    Street teams are still a very important part of getting your message across. Posters, flyers, stickers, public transportation. Pair that with Snapchat geofilters promoting your brand.

​    Commercials are a great way to reach a specific demographic that is also cost effective. You do not have to come in with a huge budget and if you plan it right (which we always do) then you will notice the effects immediately. We based a commercial campaign around the biggest service provider in your area.


Pairing the right celebrity up with your product in a way that will expand both you and the celebrities brand. This can be achieved through anything as small as our celebrity clients using social media networks to as big as commercial endorsement campaigns. Every campaign is tailored to the celebrity and the product. cutter formulas here. 

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