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What is Radio Promotion? How to secure radio spins

Often artist come to me with hopes of getting their song on the radio. When I ask them what that means they believe it's an artist pays a fee and then that artist songs are put in rotation for millions of new fans to hear and then their life changes...right?...WRONG!

There is no ONE way to get your song on the radio BUT here is our way:

1. Find the biggest radio station in your city

2. Call up and ask to speak to someone about in air advertising. Explain that you have a new song and wanted to run 60 second commercials for it, you just need to know the rates.

3. Pick the lowest/cheapest time slot as well as 2-3 others and test out your 60 second ad for 5 days.

4. At the end of that 5 days, go over the analytics of your song and see what days your streams/buys raised up and invest more in that time slot.

5. Speak to the same person at radio and ask what's the response has been, if any.

6. If no rise in streams/sales happens, then you should work closely with the radio station to find the best slot for your budget and song.

When you find a rhythm that works, call the next big city and repeat. Best way to start is to ask the same radio station you are dealing with to hook you up with their sister/brother station in other cities.

You can always come hire BEST COAST ENT LLC to run and maximize your radio campaign.

Below you will find a 60 commercial for a former client whose album we released:

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