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At BEST COAST ENT LLC, we do what it takes to stay ahead of the game. Our dedicated, experienced team incorporates innovative ideas and successful strategies to ensure that our clients get to the top and stay there. Since 2005, we have been leaders in creating buzz-worthy campaigns for a wide array of industries on a global scale.

Social media

Manage paid ads. Boost post. Monitor and respond. Organic follower growth. Get you monetized.


Red carpet appearances. Blog write ups. Product placement. Press releases. 


Content creation. Graphic Design. Video production. Music production.

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Guiding brands from idea to conception while constantly reshaping to stay ahead of the game

Your one stop shop for

  • SEO

  • Tour management

  • Label meetings

  • Marketing

  • Social Media Management

  • Advertising

  • Celebrity Partnerships

  • Distribution (music/film/products)

  • Video production (interviews, music videos, shorts and feature films)

  • Graphic Design (flyers, snapchat filters, cover art)

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